Chapter 6. Yalata

I already knew how to cycle in the dark. I realized it was much better to start cycling earlier in the morning. The fog is everywhere around. I put my jacket, polar hoodie and muffins on. After a few minutes I saw snow condensate on them.

After the sun rose I made a stop and finished my yesterday dinner. On the one the rest stop was a water tank and I found this water drinkable. I’ve reached Yalata at 11 am. There was nothing special to see here. The roadhouse was closed. Mini bus with some aboriginals passed me. They wished me a nice trip.

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Yalata is a special aboriginal territory. Perfect nature, pure forest, but road is hilly up and down all the way till Nullarbor. It takes a lot of power to push on top. And again one Australian family stopped closed to me when I was sitting on the road.

— I’m ok. Thanks for your care. It is hot.

Finally I made a stop for sleeping. The water does not help me, so I ate some grapes and started to feel much better.

Брошенные тачки на Наллаборе
Abandoned cars are usual on Nullabor

It is getting late. I planned to make a camping on the rest stop on 20km before Nullarbor but that place was just a piece of gravel. Not a good spot. I continued to cycle and I soon entered Nullarbor. Treeless plain. I saw some light few meters to the south off the road. I though it was a horse. But when I came closer I realized it’s a Dingo. It ran away from me to safe distance.

I tried to find a spot on that field, but there were many Dingo step marks on the sand.

I’ve cycled till the turn to Head of Bight. This is a place for whale watching from May to October. Not a season now, but I saw some cars in 1km off the road. I cycled there and reached a small cabin and gates to Head of Bight. And it was a free camping area. I made a camping closer to cabin.

I found a sun set in this area very beautiful. Many other travelers made pictures of bright horizon.

I had a chat with couple from Victoria – Bluey and Denise who were travelling to Esperance. They kindly offered me some hot tea. It’s perfect before getting down to sleep. We decided to make some pictures the next morning.

That day I cycled 125 km. I drank 1,2 lt of water, 0,2 lt of cola. I ate one tomato and some grapes.