Chapter 4. To Ceduna

I woke up early. Put a headlight on handlebar and cycled 1,5 hours in the darkness. Great feeling of free riding when no cars on the road, just a few road trains.

I was pushing hard because I needed to reach my next destination – Streaky Bay. I made 50 km towards the city and found a good foodmarket. It was time to buy some food for Nullarbor. I bought a lot of dried food, mostly nuts. The most expensive thing was a 500g pocket of dried apricots. I also bought fresh grapes and apples. My rear bags look heavy now.

While I packed my food two old ladies passed and asked when I had a shower last time? I said – last morning. They joked there was a car wash service right behind the corner. It looks like I need to change my t-shirt and pants.

Now only Ceduna is my next point to visit. And it is also a start point of Nullarbor crossing. But it means 109 km of pedaling for today. And I made it. Thanks to a friendly wind.

I also had a strong wish to reach Ceduna, because I could call home from there. It’s a last stop where 2G network is available.

Обеденный отдых в тени
Hidding from sun

The road closer to Ceduna was full of smashed snakes and maybe some were not smashed. I tried to keep far away from all laying ropes and as the snakes look very much like ropes. Local snakes – brown cobras are very ugly. Like a crap. Not like Thailand snakes. I started to worry – maybe I was entering a dangerous zone. Nullarbor is closer. Place of snakes, spiders and other strange and hazardous species.

I arrived at Ceduna at 5.30. In total I made 159 km that day.

I stayed at the Airport Caravan Park. The manager Steven gave me a plate of  wonderful pasta baloniese. I made short trip to jetty. I saw drunken aboriginals and drunk white men who looked like aboriginals.

Then I had a cup of tea and had a chat with Steven and his wife. He made a gift for me – an old cord for my charger. Perfect! Now I can charge my camera. I washed myself and was sleeping in fresh new clothes. Tomorrow I will start to cross Nullarbor.

Седюна - первый город на востоке