I never cycled through empty places. I like mountains to climb and slide from up to down. I like to meet different people on my way. But I always was guessed could I handle to cycle along for many kilometer with no houses and no people on the road.

I wanted to prove to myself that I can cycle through nothing. It is a challenge to keep moving every morning to cover 1,600 km from Port Lincoln to Norseman. And I did it. Started on 19th of April i had cycled for 13 days with no days off. I crossed Nullarbor. More details will be posted soon.

Chapter 1. Preparation
Chapter 2. Start to cycle Australia
Chapter 3. Headwind
Chapter 4. To Ceduna
Chapter 5. Nullarbor
Chapter 6. Yalata
Chapter 7. Nullarbor National Park — 187km
Chapter 8. Riding Western Australia
Chapter 9. Slow riding, headwind again
Chapter 10. Australia’s Longest Straight road — 146 km
Chapter 11. Last 200 km
Chapter 12. Back to civilization — Kalgoorlie

Music that was turning in my mind during this trip

Slow riding through headwind
Kasey Chambers — Biggest Backyard 
Kasey Chambers — Nullarbor’s Song
Martin L Gore — Somebody

Fast riding with tailwind:
INXS — Tiny Diggers
INXS — Don’t Change

Other songs:
Depeche Mode — Never Let Me Down Again
New Order — Regret
Кино — Попробуй спеть вместе со мной

Song for last 50 km:
Aqua — Playmate to Jesus