Chapter 9. Slow motion, headwind again

28th  April. I started my day at 5-15. I cycled in the dark. My target was to reach Cocklebiddy that morning. I met a sunrise on 20km to roadhouse. There was a turn to Bird observation there but it means another 35km so I skipped it.This morning I was thinking about all my family. I missed them all.

10km to Cocklediddy a wind changed to strong western. I reached a roadhouse and decided to eat some soup. But there were only burgers on the menu. Other dishes were available from 5pm only. So I bought a coffee milk to prepare museli.

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Chapter 1. Preparation

If you talk about traveling, especially for european tourists, Australia is kind of ‘maybe’ country. It’s interesting to visit, but maybe later. Because of many reasons – something strange, far, no direct flights and etc. So we know that Australia exists but we think about travelling to Australia maybe some time later, when we get big vacations or earn more money.

All of my friends who have already visited this country made it for immigration. So they had only one way ticket journey, and not for traveling and vacations. They are working hard for new life.

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