Chapter 11. Last 200km to Norseman

I had many dreams about my family, sisters and brothers. It seemed like I really missed them. I woke up at 6 am and in 20 minutes covered the last 15 km of the longest straight road in Australia. Despite the early morning many cars were on the road that day. I made my first 20 km easily. After 30km when the sun was already shining I made a stop for washing.

10km before Balladonia the road became hilly.

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Chapter 9. Slow motion, headwind again

28th  April. I started my day at 5-15. I cycled in the dark. My target was to reach Cocklebiddy that morning. I met a sunrise on 20km to roadhouse. There was a turn to Bird observation there but it means another 35km so I skipped it.This morning I was thinking about all my family. I missed them all.

10km to Cocklediddy a wind changed to strong western. I reached a roadhouse and decided to eat some soup. But there were only burgers on the menu. Other dishes were available from 5pm only. So I bought a coffee milk to prepare museli.

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Chapter 8. Riding Western Australia

I cycled another 12km to Eucla – a small city. But it is on map only because they have a police station and a telegraph. A restaurant on a gas station offered less food than the Border Village. I used this place to make a call to Ivan and report to him that I’m ok and now continue my travel in the West.

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Chapter 7. Nullarbor National Park 187 km

I’ve entered Nullarbor. All night I was laid in tent and felt pain in legs and knees. Every turn brought me an uncomfortable feeling in my leg’s muscles.

In the morning I did not wait until some member of the Head of Bight staff would come up to me and left this beautiful place at 7 am. After 15 km I arrived at Nullarbor roadhouse and asked for soup in a cafe. They had chicken and vegies soup. I also wanted to buy a bottle of Cola, but only Diet Cola was available. It not my choice because it does not contain any sugar.

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Chapter 5. Nullarbor

Next morning I used a shower room for charging my camera and phones. Packed fast and started to cycle Nullarbor. Manager office was closed so I didn’t say goodbye to Steven.

Perfect cycling and for the first part of day I’m planning to reach Pennong – a small city 70km from Ceduna. I easily covered that distance before the afternoon. I make a rest on a gas station. Ate an ice cream and drank some cold coffee.

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Chapter 4. To Ceduna

I woke up early. Put a headlight on handlebar and cycled 1,5 hours in the darkness. Great feeling of free riding when no cars on the road, just a few road trains.

I was pushing hard because I needed to reach my next destination – Streaky Bay. I made 50 km towards the city and found a good foodmarket. It was time to buy some food for Nullarbor. I bought a lot of dried food, mostly nuts. The most expensive thing was a 500g pocket of dried apricots. I also bought fresh grapes and apples. My rear bags look heavy now.

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Chapter 1. Preparation to Nullarbor crossing

If you talk about traveling, especially for european tourists, Australia is kind of ‘maybe’ country. It’s interesting to visit, but maybe later. Because of many reasons – something strange, far, no direct flights and etc. So we know that Australia exists but we think about travelling to Australia maybe some time later, when we get big vacations or earn more money.

All of my friends who have already visited this country made it for immigration. So they had only one way ticket journey, and not for traveling and vacations. They are working hard for new life.

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Часть 8. Парк Nullarbor

Всю ночь болели колени и мышцы на ногах. Я не стал ждать когда откроется проход на Head of bight. Когда нет сезона, персонал появляется поздно. В 7 утра я уже выезжал со стоянки. Я оставил записку для соседей, что если они увидят меня на дороге, то пусть остановятся, чтобы сфотографироваться.

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Часть 7. Ялата

Опыт передвижения в темноте у меня уже есть. Вчера вдоволь накатался с фонариком. Поэтому просыпаюсь в 5-30 и выезжаю на дорогу. Вокруг густой туман. Я нацепил на себя кофту, двое штанов и пуховую безрукавку. На голове капюшон. На руках варежки. Через некоторое время на варежках появился иней. Стало светло и я сделал привал, доев вчерашний … Read more Часть 7. Ялата

Часть 6. Наллабор

Утром еще немного позаряжался от розеток и стартовал в путь. Начинается самая интересная часть. То ради чего я летел через весь мир. Я должен пересечь Наллабор.

Немногие австралийцы путешествовали через Nullarbor. Но все австралийцы знают об этом месте, а вот иммигранты не знают. Как уже писал выше – все мои знакомые переехавшие в Австралию не имеют особо времени, чтобы страну смотреть.

Путешествие с востока на запад или наоборот проще всего сделать на самолете. Еще есть поезд, которые тоже едет через пустоши три дня. Сомнительное удовольствие. Если австралиец едет через Наллабор, то скорее в целях путешествия и обычно делают это уже на пенсии. После того как они пересекают эту степь-пустыню, то ими овладевает запредельное чувство гордости и они обязательно на клеят на машину или джип наклейку «Across Nullarbor». Мне же предстояло проехать этот путь на велосипеде. Впереди 1200 км до следующего городка. Между ними только заправки и roadhouses.

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